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Is was a great experience! The staff was very sociable. Thank you.

By: Lorena On:07-04-2022

All the service in the test centre was amazing from reception when I arrived until I finished the test. Thank you all for the great service.

By: Razan Rafiq Sidiq On:06-04-2022

Very professional and friendly services

By: Igor Bbalaz On:06-04-2022

They are very friendly and helpful. Thank you UKVI EXAM.

By: Benereta shehu On:05-04-2022

Very friendly staff ... They guided me through the registration process and I could start & finish my tests on time ..

By: Maurice Aouad On:22-11-2021

Very professional and quick service. Highly recommend.

By: Agnieszka Gurteen On:11-11-2021

Cleared both my tests B1 and LITU through them

By: FAYEZ AHMED On:30-09-2021

Friendly staff

By: Elinor Hoxha On:29-09-2021

The best service and the training material

By: CHIPO OLGAR VAMBE On:28-09-2021

Cardiff test centre providing best service for English exam

By: Sadia Sayyad abbasi On:26-08-2021

Booking process very Easy and clear. Good service all round. Thank you very much.

By: Florije On:20-05-2021

Ukviexam IS a good place to take a B1 test . No staff intimidation. Staffs are friendly and approachable, no presure and their will advise and guide …

By: Benjamin sanmegni On:18-05-2021

Excellent services. Examiner made me feel comfortable, it was more like a friendly chat. I didn't feel like i was doing a test. She was friendly, …

By: Sarah Birabwa On:07-04-2021

The service were good and I been assisted fairly thank you

By: Manpreet Singh On:06-04-2021

Would like to say thanks for all the staff friendly and smiling all time and special thanks for the examiner really enjoyed the conversation with …

By: Imad On:05-04-2021

It was a very nice experience, Friendly staff and an easy test.

By: Nabish naheed On:05-04-2021

People are friendly and helpful there, easy to go through all the steps before exam as there is a lady named Sarah to lead the way and kindly …

By: Yi Wei On:04-04-2021

A group of very kind and friendly staffs with an up to date system that makes the whole registration process very easy.

By: Nfuya-Ngwa Nfor Kelvin On:03-04-2021

Very well organised and the staff calm and helpful. Sadly I was very nervious could have done better but still passed.

By: Pranom Hunt On:03-04-2021

I'm not sure where to start. A group of Very kind and friendly staff and an up to date system that make the whole registration process very easy.

By: Nfuya-Ngwa Nfor Kelvin On:01-04-2021
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