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English Test (A2) is a Secure English Language Test (SELT) for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) conducted in the UKVI approved Examination Centres only. Currently there are 15 test locations across the UK that are approved by the UKVI. 

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Key Features of the A2 Exam

Exam Duration: 11-12 minutes

Four Short conversation with examiner (Online)

Individual Assessment (like an interview)

Simple and Practical topics-based questions


What VISA types is A2 used for:

It is used for Spouse Visa extension wherein you are looking to get a Further Leave to Remain after you have lived for 2.5 years in the UK.

It is acceptable for applicants applying to extend stay in the UK as a partner or as a dependent (child) - FLR(M) form


 What will happen after the Exam ?

After the exam, you will receive a Test Report displaying your score and a Unique Reference Number (URN). You are required to include this URN in your Visa application.


Salient Features of A2 Exam

Exam name          : A 2 Level – English Certificate

Format                  : One on one interview with an Interlocutor [ Interviewer]

Pass Mark             : 60/100

Provisional Result: Few minutes after the exam

Exam Report         : Within 3 working days


Exam Preparation Material:

It is recommended to go through the preparation material for better performance and success. It is advisable and always good to prepare for the test.

You will receive the preparation material on booking the test with us.

The exam material covers the marking criteria, sample questions, topics and sample interview (audio)


A 2 Test Format [including Domain and general topics]

Part 1

Personal Information. 

This part deals with your personal information [e.g., your name , where you live , what you do etc]

Part 2

Situational Role Play:

You will be asked to respond to some social situations

Part 3

Exchanging information:

You will be asked to exchange information on a set of images

Part 4a

Listen and Respond:

You have to Listen to the interlocutor and answer questions

Part 4b

Long turn:

You have to deliver (speak) a short, uninterrupted talk on a topic given by the interlocutor



Free Assesment Form

Helpline 0333 011 6606 Office Timing:
9:30am to 6:30pm - Monday to Saturday

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